Warm your heart and beautify your home with our fine art portraits and photographs.


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Family Portraiture

We celebrate you, your babies, your children, your relationships, and the precious moments of your life by turning your priceless portraits into gorgeous custom wall art to fill your home and hang over your hearth.


Fine Art School Portraits

Ready to leave behind the same old cheesy school portraits and companies that are challenging to work with? Elevate your school pictures to fine art school portraits and listen to your families gush over their photos this year! Two styles available.

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Business Portraits

We offer headshot sessions for both companies and individuals that capture your brand and express your style so you can start attracting your target audience to expand your business.

A fusion of lifestyle photography and more traditional portraiture


My goal is to capture you being you. I get it, you told the family you are having portraits made and someone groans and says they don’t want more cheesy pictures in matchy-matchy outfits. And I agree with them! No one looks good when they are uncomfortable in what they are wearing. I will provide you with a style guide that helps you select a location and prepare for the big day with outfits that will make everyone in the family feel confident, comfortable, and like they can be themselves. Rest assured, my goal is that everyone looking at your photographs will see the expressions of love you have for each other and the fun you are having, not what you are wearing.


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Select from two different styles of fine art school portraits.


Fine Art School Portraits are a fresh and modern approach to school photos that offer a boutique experience, from picture day through the ordering process. No more cheesy, forced smiles with strange backdrops. Our background is simple and classic. We even offer the option of being outside, weather and conditions permitting. Children are encouraged to be themselves and have fun so they shine for the camera.


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Express Your Brand and Style.


Are you progressive? Traditional? Sustainable? Reliable? Cutting Edge? Athletic? Loyal? Whatever you are trying to say about yourself, your brand, or your business, we can help you say it through your headshots and group portraits. We offer sessions for individuals and packages for companies of all sizes. Graphic design services also available. Call or email us for a quote.


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Exploring the magic and majesty of our great outdoors.


When I first moved to Oregon almost 20 years ago I used to call my family back in Oklahoma about once a week to tell them about the most amazing thing I saw that week. Now I capture it in pictures. There is nowhere on earth that fascinates me like the Pacific Northwest…culturally, geologically, biologically. She is in constant motion as the cities evolve, the earth moves around us, and the nature grows out and over us. She is gritty and grand, earthy and urban, wild and glossy, all at the same time. Not everyone gets it, but I just love her.


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Contrast in reality and theory.


As much as I love nature, I also love the buildings we weave into the landscape as sculptures and windows into history. I love to see the juxtaposition of old details and new technology. I love to see nature surviving, even thriving, despite how much we try to push her back with our bricks and mortar and steel. I see flowers spilling down a building facade, a tree growing out of a sea of rooftops, or a river of green cutting through one of the busiest cities in the world. This is what I look for with my lens: the detailed and the stark, the vibrant and the grey, the edges and the curves, the edgy and the pristine. I like to see them all getting along.


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