I blend photography, design, and aesthetics to create a full service photography studio that turns your family portraits into priceless heirlooms to adorn your home.


My style is a blend of both lifestyle photography, which captures the candid expressions and moments of real life, and elements of posed portraiture that evoke a sense of classic portraiture.


Fine Art, not Files

I see you. With each click of my shutter, my goal is to create beautiful and emotionally charged images that reflect the essence and tell a meaningful story about you, your family, your pets, your milestones, your spaces, your business, or anything else you love and want to capture in time. Photography has been the love of my life since high school when my mom handed me my grandfather’s old manual Olympus camera and said “see what you can do with it.” I was hooked.

My artwork is meant to fill up the walls and spaces of your life, not just the walls of your social media accounts. With 13 years of experience in interior and graphic design, I can help you design beautiful and creative portrait and fine art displays for your home and office. I learned during my time as a designer that images and art depicting loved ones can be as powerful at reducing stress and creating wellbeing as actually being in the presence of our loved ones. It is that beautiful power of art that continues to inspire me to this day.

I am not a photographer that hands over a disk of digital files and sends you on your way. Those disks always find their way to a desk drawer, collecting dust, never to be seen again. Instead I am a an artisan who crafts both experiences and printed work of art that capture the places and people that you treasure, so that you can be surrounded by them each and every day. My Mother loves to tell me how much she hates digital photography and camera phones. She fears those images will be lost on discarded old phones and old computers and along with it all the priceless memories of those moments. That is where I come in. I am here to capture those moments and offer them to you, archivally printed and preserved, so that those memories last well beyond a lifetime and can be carried from generation to generation.


Alexandra Pitts

Photographer and Chief Creative Officer